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Einfamilien-Kit in Farbe mit IDEA Außenstelle (8471S)

Einfamilien-Kit in Farbe mit IDEA Außenstelle (8471S)
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Art.Nr.: 8471S
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A single and two-family colour video entry phone system kit. This consists of the new IDEA entrance panel and the new Smart monitor, which helps to minimise the overall dimensions. The privacy and intercom functions are standard features of the Smartkit. In order to use the intercom function, the single-family kit must be expanded with one or more additional door-entry phones/monitors. The kit can be used as a system base, to create systems to which a maximum of 10 residences are connected. The kits can be expanded to create solutions with 2 or more external units and 3 monitors per residential unit; this can be expanded to a maximum of 16 units through the addition of art. 1252.


Code Beschreibung
4882 1 Haupteingang mit einer Taste in Farbe
4883 1 Haupteingang mit zwei Tasten in Farbe


Spare flush mounted box
4887 Waterproof housing for Idea surface-mounted entrance panel
4889 Waterproof shield for Idea flush-mounted entrance panel
6302 Smart series sbc/kit system hands-free colour monitor
6312 Desk base with bushing for Smart monitor
6320 Surface-mounted support for Smart monitor
6333 Accessory - additional 5 buttons for Smart monitor
6117 Flush-mounted box for Planux and Smart monitor
6118 Plasterboard fixing kit for Planux and Smart monitors
2608 Style series Simplebus system basic intercom
2628 Style series Simplebus 2 system elegance intercom - white
2628B Style series Simplebus 2 system elegance intercom - black
2610 Style series Simplebus top/kit system elegance intercom
1229 Accessory - additional ringtone
1224A Simplebus system digital switching device
4833C Line amplifier for Simplebus color video systems
1122/A 12-24Vdc-ac general purpose relay
1256 Accessory - Simplebus system digital relay actuator
1259C Accessory - Simplebus/colour kit for separate video cameras
1215 Connection terminal
1216 Simplebus/kit system terminal
1205/B 12Vac - 20vdc dual output power supply with 230vac input
1212/B 20Vdc 14va power supply with 230vac input


Einfamilien-Kit in Farbe mit IDEA Außenstelle (8471S)

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